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Clienteling means creating a personalized experience between sales associates and customers. Whether this experience happens offline or online, it is of huge importance to retail. For luxury brands, this is their bread and butter. 

The challenge at NewStore was to create an immersive, easy-to-use clienteling solution that would benefit all roles involved in a fashion brand. 



  1. Increase sales

  2. Strengthen the relationship between associates and customers

  3. Provide insights with the help of real-time data.

Crafting e-commerce apps may seem easy to some, but how do you really create engagement and increase lifetime loyalty with customers? 

Within NewStore's ecosystem, the project named Clienteling was all about the sales associates in-store and their customers. Our mission was to increase the customer's lifetime value, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. At the same time, we wanted to make the life of a sales associate easier by streamlining and digitalizing their touchpoints and activities to the customers. That meant, modernizing an often times old-fashioned industry where documentation on pen and paper wasn't a thing of the past. 

We had all the research in place from all over the United States and Germany;  40+ in-person interviews, countless store visits, and long hours of expert feedback, but what were we supposed to do with all this information?

We decided to run a Design Sprint and find out.

(For further details and in-depth info regarding clienteling and my role at NewStore please get in touch).

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Concept screens

Clienteling design concept
Clienteling design concept

Design sprint

On the first day, the research took its place on walls available for everyone to study it and *become one* with it. This helped getting everyone on the same page and realize the depth of the problems we tried to solve. Afterwards we invited our experts to have a chat about it.


It turned out that sales associates needed a way to share the latest outfits with their customers in an easy way, as well as keep the conversation going at all times.

All sketches were hung on a wall and studied to the very detail by each participant.

The most preferred solutions and ideas were voted on.
My sketch happened to be the winner of this sprint :) The next
 step was designing the experience and creating the prototype.

Once the Design Sprint was over it was time to get back to the planning board and make a realistic estimation of the tested solution.

We created story maps from each journey a user might take and filled in the gaps where the was uncertainty prior to the sprint. This supported the product roadmap and gave a clear vision to the teams involved.

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