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The car manufacturer brand approached with the need to offer a more pleasing experience in their digital services. But in order to achieve their goal, they needed to get to know their users.

I had the pleasure of leading this project and delivering a state-of-the-art concept with the help of extensive research, clever colleagues, and forward-thinking ideas. 

The car configurators nowadays have a fairly straight line in the user experience with a final decision or result, but the mental model and physical journey for a user is everything but a straight line. 

It's a decision-making process spanned over months and maybe even a year or more. The process is both joyful, confusing, and exciting, and these rollercoaster emotions need to be catered for. The goal is to elevate the user's negative emotions into a more positive state to avoid losing them somewhere along the road to happiness.

Long story short - we created a simple configurator, where a user can continue their creation on any device, anytime, and even include their friends or family in the process. The user wants to know "How will it really look like in reality?".

With a bit of AR magic and straightforward usability, the dream car is as good as manifested in the real world, right in front of the user's eyes to behold.

The Process

Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 19.33.18.png
Creating the personas


The project started with understanding the business, then conducting the necessary research (field research, expert interviews, in-depth interviews, and VW customer data ). Aligning all these insights, it was clear what the users needed when planning to purchase a new car.

We ended up with three personas and a mountain of insights, so much that it would be used for other projects within the company. 

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The Delivery

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Volkswagen RfP - June 2018.012.jpeg
Volkswagen RfP - June 2018.015.jpeg
Volkswagen RfP - June 2018.013.jpeg
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