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Kalmar Terminal Prototype

Kalmar Terminal

How do you organize and automate a shipping terminal when thousands of pieces of important info are coming your way in multiple software and channels to dozens of people at the same time? 

By conducting extensive, rapid research, and synchronizing all insights with great minds in multiple workshops and prototype iterations we presented a beautiful solution to the client.

The result turned into a seamless system that is presenting all critical and important information that requires specific action by the terminal workers. Whether the incoming, parked, or outgoing vessel needed attention or the staff itself, the system would notify the user and offer the best action with minimal time spent solving the activity.

The most important variable here is to have the staff spend the least time possible on issues and tasks, but at the same time inform them on what exactly is going on at the entire terminal. 

The work was immensely interesting, challenging, and exciting.

The prototype

Overview of the terminal 


The main view is showing the current and incoming vessels. The entire container yard is displayed below the vessels, indicating their health and current status, including any required attention. The bottom of the screen shows the status of the "Gate" and "Rail", meaning the terminal's traffic at its gate and via rail.

Notification center


The system indicates an error and at the same time shows its current status. It notifies the user whether someone has already started working on the issue or not, and offers possible solutions for solving the error.

Detailed vessel view 


A detailed view of the vessel informing about its progress and where it's lagging with the loading of containers. Any delay would re-estimate the departure time and inform the user about the consequences for any incoming vessels.

Research & Workshops

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